Who are we, and are we really Witches?

Marie & Heike, met 14 years ago.

Marie's husband approached Heike on the playground. He thought she was speaking French to her child, when she was really speaking German. Secretly, we know that all Europeans are just desperate for anyone, anyone, else who is European when they move to the U.S. We don't care where you are from, as long as you are from across the Big Pond.

Heike gave Marie's husband her business card, since his wife was at home pregnant, and it he actually called. That was 14 years ago.

We are still friends, because we are Europeans and we mate for life.

Now, instead of meeting at the playground, they go have coffee or beer together, they always eat, and they  ponder how they can make Suburbia more tolerable.

Marie coaxes herbs to heal her patients, and in her FREE TIME (hahaha!) she creates fantastic pieces of art. You can find her at Practical Herbology.

Heike makes KitchenWitches & paints Goddess butts, and goes thrift shopping with a vengeance. She calls it Thrift Zen.  You can find her at Goddess in the Groove.

Between the two, there are 5 children, 3 dogs, and quite a few at chickens.

Yes, they really do live in Suburbia.

When they are naughty, they post pictures on Instagram and tag them #twowitchesinsuburbia. 

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